My Story

My Personal Side

  • I am the mother of two wonderful children Carter and Grace
  • I enjoy travel, fitness and dinners with my husband Brian
  • I am blessed to be friends with my two stepchildren Kaitlyn and Trevor
  • I am a farm girl at heart, born and raised in Wyoming, Ontario
  • I am the youngest of the family with three older brothers
  • I enjoy a good story and a good belly laugh

My Professional Side

  • I have worked in the Charity sector for over 25 years
  • I have a BA in Economics from Waterloo University
  • I am a certified Personal Trainer and enjoy (well mostly enjoy) working out
  • I try to keep healthy and eat well but admit I look forward to weekend cheats of wings, nachos, pizza etc!!!
  • I have organized events of all sizes including a bike tour with 2000 participants
  • I enjoy teaching, presenting and public speaking
  • I am dedicated to delivering a wedding ceremony to match your vision

My Passionate Side

  • Family - Family is always first and I am blessed with the time a spend with all my family
  • Health - I try to keep myself healthy and happy through exercise and eating well...most of the time
  • Travel - I love to travel. Take me to a warm spot in the sun and I am happy
  • Leisure - I love to read a good book, especially beside the pool
  • Life - I strive to live happy and positive and in the bad times try to find some laughter